Photo: NBA on TNT/X

Charles Barkley aimed at his former CNN colleagues, calling them “boneheads” after his brief hosting stint for the network. Barkley, who is a long-time NBA analyst for TNT, co-hosted the experimental weekly primetime show “King Charles” with CBS News’ Gayle King.

The show, which ended last month, has always been billed as a limited series since its launch in November. On Thursday’s episode of “The Mike Missanelli Podcast,” Barkley pushed back against media claims that the show was “canceled.”

“You know the type of boneheads I work with?” Barkley began. “First of all, it wasn’t canceled. I talk to Gayle all the time. They haven’t told us we were canceled.

“That’s how stupid these people are… I was always only gonna do that for a short period of time and then I was gonna go back to the NBA. So, me and Gayle, like– this is how boneheaded these people are, I work with.”

Barkley expressed that he “really liked” his CNN hosting gig, enjoying the opportunity to discuss topics beyond basketball. However, he continued to criticize the network over the narrative that his show was canceled, reinforcing that “King Charles” was always intended as a limited series.

“But that just shows you how full of shit the whole thing is with CNN,” Barkley said. “Like, we had new people take over and we’re in disarray. Like, yesterday they put an article out that CNN had its worst ratings ever since like 1992.”