Photo: ESPN/YouTube

Former player JJ Redick is set to meet with the Los Angeles Lakers this weekend, further continuing talks with the team for the head coaching job.

NBA insider Brian Windhorst expects Redick to do well in the interview and thinks it is more a question of whether Redick really wants the job.

“I have no doubt that JJ is going to have a strong performance because he’s been preparing for this for a long time,” said Windhorst on ESPN’s Get Up.

Windhorst emphasized the significance of Redick’s decision, saying, “I think the question that’s being asked here is how much should JJ really want this job?”

Windhorst also mentioned, “I know there’s people in his life who have said ‘Are you sure this is the opportunity you want? That this is what you want to leave for? Because this is such a challenging job.’”