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Charles Barkley remains steadfast in his belief that Caitlin Clark is being treated unfairly in the WNBA. The former NBA star went viral for criticizing WNBA players over their jealousy towards the Indiana Fever star. Those expecting Barkley to backtrack or apologize will be disappointed, as he continues to label Clark’s rivals as ‘petty’ and jealous.

“Petty jealousy and it’s really unfortunate because of what she’s done for the game. You know, listen, I believe in rookie hazing, but some of the criticism has gone overboard, and I think it’s really unfair because, man, you look at the ratings for the draft, for the WNBA – she’s making everybody money. And I think she’s got some deals, good for her.

“I mean, the girl set the record for the most points ever scored in college. I mean, that’s pretty incredible. But the girls got to grow up and like, ‘Yo, you know what? I can go at her hard on the basketball court, but the visibility and stuff she’s bringing to the league is only going to fill all our wallets up in the long run.’ It’s just petty jealousy, and it’s really unfortunate.”