Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins has voiced his displeasure with Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley’s recent comments referring to him as a “roach.”

Speaking on Scoop B Radio with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, Perkins addressed the issue, stating his objections to the derogatory term used by the NBA legends.

Perkins explained that Shaq and Barkley took offense to his remarks about the New York Knicks during a discussion on ESPN Radio New York.

“They got in their feelings, right? Because I was doing ESPN Radio New York and they were talking about the Knicks, and I was like, ‘That is so false about the New York Knicks…’ and the only people that would say certain things about the Knicks in this capacity is people who never watched the Knicks,” Perkins said.

He emphasized that while he doesn’t have any personal animosity towards them, he found the use of the term “roach” highly disrespectful.

“You gonna call me a roach? C’mon dog. That’s the worst of the worst. Like, c’mon man. A roach? That’s what y’all on? We kill roaches in Black neighborhoods. They’re everywhere. From another Black man to another Black man, you can’t never call nobody no roach. You might as well spit in my face,” Perkins remarked.

In response to a video shared on social media showing Shaq and Barkley working out on a punching bag adorned with his photo, Perkins reiterated his objection to being labeled as such.

He highlighted the significance of the term within the context of Black neighborhoods, emphasizing that it carries deeply negative connotations.

“The only problem that I had with it is that don’t call me no damn roach, bro. I ain’t on that. Don’t call me no roach. Like, c’mon dog I ain’t do no name calling,” Perkins added.

Despite the disagreement, Perkins maintained that he holds no ill will towards Barkley or Shaq, but hopes they understand the impact of their words.

“And I don’t have any beef with Charles or Shaq. My thing is the whole ‘roach’ thing. I don’t mind the punching bag, but the roach thing? C’mon man. What we on?” he concluded.