Photo: NBA on TNT/X

Charles Barkley didn’t mince words when discussing TNT’s potential loss of NBA rights. On “The Dan Patrick Show,” he criticized Warner Bros. Discovery heads as “clowns” for the situation.

Reports suggest the NBA is close to finalizing deals with Disney/ESPN, NBC, and Amazon, leaving TNT out despite its long-standing association with the league.

While Warner Bros. Discovery could match NBC’s package, they seem more interested in acquiring rights to the expanding College Football Playoff.

“Morale sucks, plain and simple,” Barkley said bluntly to Patrick. “I just feel so bad for the people I work with, Dan. These people have families and I just really feel bad for them right now. These people I work with, they screwed this thing up, clearly, and we don’t have zero idea what’s gonna happen.

“I don’t feel good. I’m not gonna lie, especially when they came out yesterday and said we bought college football. I was like, ‘Well, damn, they could’ve used that money to buy the NBA.’”