Photo: Peter Baba

Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle has lauded the athleticism of Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic, describing him as “unbelievably quick and extremely fast” during a recent appearance on the Green Light with Chris Long podcast.

In his assessment of Doncic’s abilities, Carlisle highlighted the multifaceted nature of the Slovenian phenom’s game, emphasizing his remarkable speed and agility on the court.

“The thing that you learn about Luka very quickly, particularly when you have a chance to work with him, coach him, is that he is super big, super strong, unbelievably quick and extremely fast,” Carlisle said.

Acknowledging Doncic’s deceptive playing style, Carlisle noted that while the Mavericks star may not appear to play at a high tempo, he possesses the ability to accelerate rapidly and outmaneuver defenders with ease.

“Now it doesn’t look like he plays fast, but he can turn on the burners and he is an amazing athlete and he can play above the rim too,” Carlisle added.

Carlisle further praised Doncic’s mastery of the game, pointing out his exceptional control and leverage in various situations, which enables him to finish plays efficiently and draw fouls effectively.

“He doesn’t do it very much because he’s mastered the game on the ground and just by leaving the floor just slightly, because that’s how he controls the leverage of players that are bumping him and stuff like that,” Carlisle explained.

Reflecting on Doncic’s stellar performance throughout the playoffs and into the NBA Finals, Carlisle expressed admiration for the 25-year-old’s impact on the court, suggesting that his remarkable skills and contributions make a compelling case for him being the best player in the world.

“I think right now you look at the run he’s been on during the playoffs leading to the finals, what he’s done in the first two games of the finals. I mean if this guy isn’t the best player in the world, I don’t know who is,” Carlisle concluded.