Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Former NBA coach George Karl ignited a firestorm on social media with his bold tweets, challenging the superstar status of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

In one tweet, Karl expressed frustration with the media’s constant coverage of the Los Angeles Dallas Cowboys, despite their lack of championship contention.

“Tired of constant media takes on the Cowboys and Lakers. Both organizations are barely relevant. They get so much coverage because they are highly valued with large fan bases. Not because they are championship contending teams!!” he tweeted.

Karl didn’t stop there, offering unsolicited advice to the Lakers’ coaching search committee: “I’ll give the Lakers coaching search committee free advice today – LeBron isn’t a superstar anymore and AD will never be one. Now be sure to use those Truths when evaluating candidates and u might select someone u keep for longer than two szns!”

Karl’s provocative remarks didn’t go unnoticed by Lakers fans, who vehemently defended their star players amidst the controversy.

“Wait, there are actual living people who believe LeBron is a superstar still today?!” Karl asked.