NBA legend Kevin Garnett has drawn comparisons between LeBron James’ son, Bronny James, and the late Kobe Bryant, citing similarities in their potential and skill sets.

Garnett, speaking on Ticket & The Truth, expressed optimism about Bronny’s future in the NBA, stating, “Bronny looks really good. He looks poised, he looks like he wasn’t rattled by everything that was going around, he looks like he’s used to the moment, he had a good session where he shot the ball well,” as reported by Andrew Peters of Bleacher Report.

Despite the skepticism surrounding Bronny’s NBA readiness among some scouts, Garnett emphasized the significance of LeBron James’ genetics, suggesting that Bronny’s lineage alone warrants consideration from NBA teams.

Reflecting on Bryant’s illustrious career, Garnett drew parallels between the young prospect and the Lakers legend, highlighting their shared potential and promising attributes.

“[Bryant] had great bones and great makeup to build off of,” Garnett remarked. “Bronny shows some of that same make. I’m not calling him young Kobe or none of that, but I’m saying that’s potential.”

While Bronny may not have achieved the same level of success in high school or college as Bryant did, Garnett’s observations underscore the belief in Bronny’s ability to develop into a formidable player at the professional level.