Amidst the Detroit Pistons’ challenging season conclusion, rookie Ausar Thompson shed light on his health struggle with a blood clot.

In the end of season press conference, Thompson candidly discussed his ordeal, acknowledging that he initially felt something was amiss before the diagnosis.

“I was just not feeling like myself fully,” the rookie said, detailing his initial symptoms. “The doctors brought me over and we found it out and now I’m on a mental journey to get back and physical journey to get back.”

“I just been taking everything a day at a time,” Thompson shared, emphasizing his approach to recovery. “Knowing this is a tough spot, but nothing I can’t get through. I’ve been through a lot of things before, so this is light work.”

Thompson also disclosed, “They said nothing about how it affects me going forward. I’m just trying to focus on now and ready to get back with the guys as soon as possible and play with them again. I missed it the last 20 games.”

Regarding his future, Thompson shared that medical professionals haven’t provided clear insights into the long-term effects of his condition, but he remains focused on the present and eager to resume playing with his team.

Thompson showcased his talent and potential, averaging 8.8 points and 6.4 rebounds per game before his health condition sidelined him.