Photo: Atlanta Hawks/X

Atlanta Hawks big man Clint Capela thought that selfishness played a role in why the group wasn’t able to take a step forward this past season (36-46 record).

(via Atlanta Hawks):

Lauren L. Williams: “What is it about this group that you maybe see is maybe hard for them to kind of give those sacrifices to make the team work?”

Capela: “I feel that whenever you’re not able to get better that way there is a little bit of a selfishness, because whenever we showed that we had the potential to do something for like six days, and then the six following days we just show a whole different team. It explained that whatever we’re doing, we’re not willing to keep doing it, because we think more about ourselves. That’s what’s been happening to us, and I think and I feel that this is why we weren’t able to take a step from the year before.”