Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Former Golden State Warriors player Anthony Morrow recently weighed in on the debate surrounding Klay Thompson’s playing style, suggesting that Thompson doesn’t quite match up to the legacy of Ray Allen.

In a recent interview with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, Morrow shared his insights on Thompson’s game, drawing comparisons to Allen’s versatile scoring abilities.

While acknowledging Thompson’s exceptional shooting prowess, Morrow pointed out the distinct differences between Thompson’s playing style and Allen’s multifaceted offensive game.

“I wouldn’t say Ray Allen because Ray Allen because he was really like a three level scorer for real back then in the Milwaukee and Seattle days and then he transformed his game like you said into more of a stand still shooter,” Morrow explained on Bovada’s Scoop B Talks while promoting the Models Basketball League with Justina Chichi.

Contrasting Allen’s dynamic scoring repertoire, Morrow noted Thompson’s proficiency primarily as a spot-up shooter, suggesting that Thompson’s game doesn’t encompass the same level of versatility as Allen’s.

While acknowledging Thompson’s integral role alongside Stephen Curry in the Warriors’ success, Morrow hinted at the uncertainty surrounding Thompson’s ability to lead a team independently, given his longstanding partnership with Curry.

“He’s always been able to shoot, but he was more of an off the dribble guy. You know you can build a team around him himself,” Morrow said about Allen. “I’m not saying no you can’t do that with Klay back in the day, but we’ll never know he’s still with Steph the whole time.”