Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

NBA insider Brian Windhorst anticipates the Golden State Warriors retaining Klay Thompson, despite uncertainties surrounding his unrestricted free agency.

Speaking on ESPN’s Get Up, Windhorst expressed confidence in the Warriors’ intentions to bring Thompson back, citing the team’s strong finish to the season and the need to reduce payroll.

“I think they like the way this team finished the season. 27-12 down the stretch. Top 10 offense, top 10 defense. They’re a quality team,” Windhorst stated.

He highlighted the financial considerations, noting Thompson’s $43 million salary this season and the necessity for him to accept a significant pay cut to remain with the Warriors.

“They’re going to have to reduce their payroll. They’re spending almost $400 million. Klay Thompson is making $43 million this year. He will not make that from anybody next year and certainly not the Warriors. He’s going to have to take an eight-figure cut to come down.

“And Chris Paul has a team option for $31 million. They’re not picking that up. I’m not saying he wouldn’t stay there, but they’re not going to pick that up. So they’re going to reduce their payroll tens of millions of dollars.

“I think they bring Klay Thompson back. I think they like the way this team plays at the end of the season,” Windhorst concluded.

This season Thompson averaged 17.9 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 2.3 assists in 29.7 minutes per game this season. For the first time since his rookie year he was demoted to a bench role for 14 games.