Credit: Metelus Studios

In a recent interview on “The Why with Dwyane Wade,” a co-production of iHeartPodcasts and Wade’s 59th & Prairie Entertainment, NBA veteran Chris Paul expressed confidence in his ability to secure a championship before retiring.

Despite his illustrious career spanning almost two decades, Paul remains determined to add a coveted NBA title to his resume, affirming his belief that he will achieve this milestone.

Addressing questions about his career’s fulfillment without a championship, Paul emphasized his commitment to winning while acknowledging the significance of his accomplishments thus far.

During the interview, Paul responded to Wade’s question about his career’s fulfillment without a championship, stating, “Straight up – even though I think I’m gonna win a championship before I’m done – yes, absolutely. I can’t even process not winning a championship right now. That’s literally how I’m built. But I love what I’ve been able to do with my career. And I was probably a lot more stressed about that once upon a time.”

Despite his advancing age at 38, Paul is still contributing significantly for the Golden State Warriors, averaging 8.9 points, 7.2 assists, and 3.8 rebounds in 27.4 minutes per game. The Dubs are currently 10th in the Western Conference with a 30-27 record.