Credit: Metelus Studios

In a revealing interview on this week’s episode of “The Why with Dwyane Wade,” a co-production of iHeartPodcasts and Wade’s 59th & Prairie Entertainment, NBA veteran Chris Paul opened up about his departure from the Houston Rockets, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the trade.

According to Paul, he initiated the trade discussions with Rockets management, expressing his willingness to accommodate a potential new teammate.

“I basically got myself traded from Houston,” Paul said. “I called Daryl [Morey] and the coach, [Dan] D’Antoni to tell them somebody could come [and] end up playing on the team with us.”

However, the situation quickly spiraled out of control following developments in the league’s landscape, including Kawhi Leonard’s move to the Clippers and Paul George’s trade.

“But what ended up happening was Daryl called me while I was in Vegas…so the night that started everything was when Kawhi [Leonard] went to the Clippers and then Paul George go traded to the Clippers. Russ[ell Westbrook] was still in OKC and Shai went to OKC for the trade…I seen Shai [Gilgeous-Alexander] in Vegas, I dapped up Shai I was like this is gonna be good for you, you gon’ get to hoop, do your thing in OKC,” Paul continued.

Paul recounted receiving a surprising call from Rockets GM Daryl Morey while in Vegas, where he learned about the trade rumors involving him and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“I go over to the gym to go work out and Daryl call me…He said ‘I was just calling you to make sure you didn’t wanna go to OKC.’ I was like, ‘No, why I don’ moved 15 people to Houston.’ And he was like, ‘Okay I was just making sure. He was like I would never trade you to somewhere you didn’t want to go because you chose to come to us from the Clippers,’” Paul said.

Despite assurances from Morey about not being traded against his wishes, Paul was stunned to discover the trade alert indicating his move to OKC.

“I chose to go to Houston from LA…I’m at the house chilling, I was on the phone with Jada [Chris’ wife] and next thing you know [the alert] said that I was getting traded [to OKC],” he said.

Reflecting on the abrupt turn of events, Paul emphasized his disappointment with the situation, particularly after relocating his family to Houston and his previous conversations with Rockets management.

“And then my phone started ringing and it was Daryl calling. So I ain’t know…Daryl was like, ‘Hey man, it just moves so fast.’ I said, ‘It’s all good I just want you to tell me one thing. You said you wasn’t going to trade me, right?’ He said, ‘Yeah I said that but–’ I said, ‘That’s all I needed to know.’”