During a recent game against the Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Durant found himself in an unexpected exchange with a fan who called him a ‘b*tch’ as he entered the court.

Speaking about the incident, Durant expressed his disappointment at being called names but chose not to escalate the situation, understanding the passion and emotions of fans during games.

Durant explained, “My thing was like, even though you called me a b—- as I’m running out with my back turned, people usually do that, call me coward, b*tch with my back turned,” as reported by Duane Rankin of Arizona Republic.

While Durant ultimately decided not to take action against the fans, he emphasized the importance of respect and civility in interactions, stating, “There are better ways to try to get my attention and talk to me other than call me a b*tch out my name.”

“I could’ve had them kicked out. Nah, don’t put that on me. They just called me a b*tch. They didn’t harm me. They didn’t try to harm me, physically. Let them stay and give them something to think going forward,” the two-time NBA champion explained.

Reflecting on the encounter, Durant acknowledged the dehumanizing nature of such incidents, lamenting, “It’s like, they don’t look at us as humans sometimes.”