In a conversation with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, Largo High School standout Cam Ward delved into various topics, including his bond with Kevin Durant and Kiyan Anthony, and insights on NBA stars like Nikola Jokic.

Reflecting on his role at Largo High School, Ward emphasized his commitment to leadership, playmaking, and securing victories, noting the evolution of his responsibilities since his freshman year. Ward stated, “My role at Largo is just to be the all-around guy. To be the leader, to make plays happen and to win games.”

Recalling his early encounters with Kevin Durant, Ward reminisced about meeting the NBA superstar at a young age, highlighting Durant’s mentorship and influence on his basketball journey.

Ward recalled, “The first time I met Kevin was I wanna say when I was about 7 or 8?… And he just kind of started in the league. I met him at a workout — he was working out in Largo actually; and I met him there and it was a surreal experience.

“I’m like 7 years old and I don’t know who he is but I’m thinking like, he’s pretty tall and he’s good at basketball so that was probably one of the more ‘I never knew who he was then’ but when I met again when I was 10 or 11 again, I was like, ‘Oh wow! This guy is like something SERIOUS…’ and he’s really been like an older brother to me like a mentor.”

Analyzing Durant’s game progression, Ward acknowledged the star’s defensive prowess and improved shot-making ability, recognizing his adaptability and resilience on the court. Ward commented, “Any NBA analyst that says KD doesn’t play defense is LYING! He really sits down in front of people and blocks shots.”

Reflecting on his peers and basketball prospects like Carmelo Anthony’s son Kiyan, Ward highlighted the competitive spirit and camaraderie among emerging talents, envisioning a bright future for himself and his contemporaries.

Ward stated, “I would say me and Kiyan [Anthony] have been playing against each other since we were little. And then playing against him in the spring and the summer and we just recently went on an official visit together, so our relationship has grown and he’s just a good person in life just to talk to and ask questions about that lifestyle.

“But ever since me and him been competing and it’s been broadcasted now, I think now it puts me in that company. Even going to all the elite camps like Nike and the NBA Camps; those camps kind of put me in the group and they’re like ‘He can really compete with these guys on a national level.’”

Offering a glimpse into his college recruitment process, Ward discussed potential destinations and programs, considering factors such as player development and team success. Ward mentioned, “Kansas State, Syracuse, Georgetown, Maryland, Virginia, Texas and Oregon.”

Exploring the basketball landscape in PG County, Ward attributes the region’s success to its relentless competitiveness and work ethic, emphasizing the pride and determination ingrained in local athletes. Ward emphasized, “We’re just dogs! We’re literally just… dogs! Like, it’s no handouts down here.”

Drawing comparisons to NBA stars like Jayson Tatum and Kawhi Leonard, Ward reflected on his playing style and preferences, highlighting the significance of the midrange game in his repertoire. Ward explained, “I get a lot of Jayson Tatum vibes. Jayson Tatum and Kawhi [Leonard] type vibes. Just because Kawhi plays a lot of the midrange and Tatum because he’s explosive and athletic.”

Assessing Nikola Jokic’s impact on the game, Ward marvelled at the Serbian center’s unique skill set and versatility, envisioning his dominance in various basketball contexts, including high school and college.

Ward expressed, “The things he does is crazy. He doesn’t move fast, he moves very slow too. Like, he moves at his own pace and works for him too! Like he’s getting 40, 20 and 15 and moving slow at a half pace basically. He’s walking through the motions and STILL giving guys buckets! So, I think if he played high school basketball and he still had all his attributes right now, he would kill. He would give everybody PROBLEMS!!!”