Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/X screenshot

Following the Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing 128-110 loss to the Golden State Warriors, Lakers legend James Worthy shared his insights on the team’s performance.

Worthy highlighted the pivotal moments in the game, particularly the Lakers’ inability to contain the Warriors’ momentum, stating on Spectrum SportsNet, “We’re watching the end of the second quarter, the Lakers were down like three, we’re saying we can’t allow Golden State to have a quick run. As soon as we said that, they added like 7, 8, 9 points. They spread that lead out. And then the Lakers went to tank after that.”

Expressing concern over the Lakers’ execution, Worthy emphasized the importance of capitalizing on offensive opportunities, especially in utilizing Anthony Davis in the post.

“Not being able to get the ball inside when you need a bucket. You got AD there, you got to find… We’ve said this over and over, and over. The Lakers are not executing well,” the three-time NBA champion continued.

Reflecting on the game dynamics, Worthy pointed out the Lakers’ struggles against the Warriors’ defensive tactics, noting, “The Lakers never attacked” the zone defense employed by Golden State.

Addressing the Lakers’ rebounding deficiencies, Worthy underscored the need for improved effort on the boards to limit second-chance opportunities for the opposition.

“And then the 15 offensive rebounds for Golden State, and a lot of those resulted in 16 of those threes that they hit,” he said. “You got to take care of the intangibles. and make sure that you get the team to get one shot up, take care of the basketball and get some better shots. You got to go to your bread and butter. I don’t think we got enough inside shots.”