Photo: Phoenix Suns/YouTube

Kevin Durant attributes his season’s health to steering clear of floppers and what he calls ‘crash dummies’. He emphasizes that avoiding such situations has kept him injury-free this season, contrasting it with past experiences where teammate and opponent flops resulted in MCL injuries.

Durant acknowledges dealing with minor day-to-day injuries but expresses gratitude for avoiding serious setbacks. The Phoenix Suns forward cautions against players who sell calls by diving on the floor, preferring to steer clear of such situations to maintain his well-being.

“No players flopped into my legs this year,” Durant said. “Last two years, I had my teammate flop into me and an opponent flop into me two straight years that caused me to get MCL injuries. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would’ve been out there the same amount of games, but I’m glad nobody flopped into me.

“Had a couple of nagging injuries, but it was day-to-day type of stuff. I’m grateful for that… Just stay away from the crash dummies, you know. The dudes who try to sell calls and don’t mind hurting people by diving on the floor trying to sell a call. I know who those guys are, and I try to stay away from them.”