Photo: Brooklyn Nets/YouTube

Spencer Dinwiddie, the newest addition to the Los Angeles Lakers, stands to earn an unusual bonus if his team clinches the NBA championship this season.

According to ESPN NBA Front Office insider Bobby Marks, Dinwiddie’s contract includes a base salary of $1,554,654 for the 2023-24 season, with an additional incentive of just $1 if the Lakers secure the championship title.

Having recently joined the Lakers after a buyout agreement with the Toronto Raptors, Dinwiddie brings his talents to a team with high hopes for postseason success.

The veteran point guard’s debut in the purple and gold uniform is set to take place on Tuesday against the Detroit Pistons, where he will look to make an immediate impact.

Dinwiddie’s journey to the Lakers follows his tenure with the Brooklyn Nets, where he operated under a one-year contract worth $11.7 million before his departure.