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Los Angeles Lakers point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, renowned for his versatility, finds himself in a transitional phase as he adjusts to a new role off the bench following his arrival in Los Angeles.

Acknowledging the shift, Dinwiddie reflects on his adaptation process, drawing parallels between his current situation and the impactful role played by former teammate Reggie Bullock.

In a recent interview with Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times, Dinwiddie candidly discussed his evolving role within the Lakers’ lineup, emphasizing his willingness to contribute to the team’s success regardless of his minutes or responsibilities.

Reflecting on his performance, Dinwiddie alluded to the challenges of being evaluated under different standards, highlighting the contrast between the expectations placed on him compared to his previous teammate Bullock.

“Like I said, it is technically foreign for me from what I’ve done in my career,” the point guard said. “I feel so sometimes like I’m in a Reggie Bullock role getting graded on a Spencer scale sometimes. Where as on a Reggie Bullock scale — no shot, again, that’s my dog, like I said, he was great for us — I feel like I’m doing really well. On a Spencer scale, obviously, I’m doing [poor].

“But like, I’m also not in that Spencer position either, you feel me? I came here understanding some of that was going to happen, right? I’m in good spirits and a good space. I wish we would’ve won a couple more games that we dropped.

“But overall, the house isn’t on fire in my mind. If you gave me 20 attempts or whatever, I’d go out there and score 30. Like, as y’all have seen throughout my career, that’s not lacking anything. You’d see more dunks and step-back threes and all the other fun stuff you’re accustomed to seeing from me.”

Prior to joining the Lakers, Dinwiddie was averaging 12.6 points, 6 assists, and 3.3 rebounds in 30.7 minutes per game for the Nets this season.

Since joining the Lakers, the 30-year-old point guard is averaging 4.6 points, 2.7 assists, and 1.1 rebounds in 23.3 minutes per game.