In a recent undercover video by James O’Keefe of O’Keefe Media Group, the spotlight shifted to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as he was questioned about hiring Wei Wu.

O’Keefe, known for his investigative work, engaged Cuban in conversation during a shared workout session at a gym. The inquiry stemmed from an internet meme initiated by Elon Musk, who queried Cuban about the representation of a short white/Asian woman on the Mavs, exposing the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies.

A Chinese international student, Wei Wu, fitting Musk’s description, seized on the meme and repeatedly asked Cuban on X when he would hire her, resulting in her being blocked by the billionaire.

During the undercover exchange, O’Keefe posed the direct question to Cuban, “Will you hire Wei Wu?” In response, Cuban explained that he had blocked Wei Wu because she was consistently engaging in multiple threads and posting content he deemed “ridiculous sh*t”.

Wei Wu responded to O’Keefe’s video, tweeting “This video @JamesOKeefeIII make. He honor. He ask Mark Cuban why he not hire me employee for Maverick. My employer Mark Cuban most rude. He say im ridiculous. My “SHlT” NOT ridiculous. I fight for justice. Fight for honor. Justice and honor not ridiculous. Why some job have DEI. But Maverick do not. This not equal justice. This discriminate. This I do not approve I’m most inspire be Chinese Martin. Fight for DEI right for all!!”

Cuban’s side of the conversation with O’Keefe: