Photo: New York Knicks/Twitter

In recent days, Julius Randle praised Jalen Brunson for helping him to do his best. Praise was appreciated by Brunson who however wanted to divert these compliments, looking to what will be the next important season of the New York Knicks.

Randle said: “Jalen [Brunson] is one of the people who helped me the most. He helped me in training, I saw how he worked and he pushed me to give more too. I have my own mentality, but JB really pushed me.”

Praises appreciated by Jalen Brunson who, however, does not want to take too much credit:

“Julius [Randle] knows how to do his job, I may have helped him a bit but he has his mentality. He’s a worker, he trains hard every day, he knows what he has to do.”