Grant Williams has sky-high confidence with regards to the Dallas Mavericks’ competitive stand this upcoming season.

Appearing on “The Ben & Skin Show” of the 97.1 The Freak, Williams stated that he and the Mavericks are even much closer than what people believe in terms of their title contention. He also echoed his belief that upon the massive offseason changes, their squad is well-rounded to fight any other teams in the league.

“I honestly think that we’re a lot closer than anybody else thinks,” Williams said. “We have a bunch of guys on this team who not only compete hard but also, (like) what you said, Dallas has always been an efficient offense. Then we’re bringing defense up which is something I, myself and Maxi (Kleber), when healthy, we both provide.”

“I think that we’re right in that conversation. We’re going to compete to the highest degree. We’re built to compete with anyone.”

Williams served as a solid product of the Mavericks’ impressive offseason productivity this year. Dallas also made a splash by being able to retain Kyrie Irving, reunite with Seth Curry, and draft promising Duke center Dereck Lively II.

After a hellish 2022-23 season that dragged them to disappointment and public ridicule by failing to reach the postseason upon posting a lowly 38-44 record, the Mavs have positioned themselves well to a much stronger form in preparation for a redeeming year that would catapult them back to their place amongst the heavyweight teams in the NBA.

Williams, who is fresh from an 8.1-point, 4.6-board average in his last season with the Boston Celtics, further noted his excitement about what lies ahead for the Mavericks as they are set to start blending as a new-look group.

Prior to last season’s nightmare finish, the Mavericks were a consistent participant in the NBA Playoffs and even managed to register a Western Conference Finals run last 2021-22 season – a mark that they surely desire to reach and even surpass with lead man Luka Doncic at front.

“Super excited with this franchise and the potential that we have because once we take this time to get used to one another and playing and stuff like that, then honestly the sky is the limit,” he concluded.