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Two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis has been an outspoken supporter of blockchain technology, pivoting towards it since he left his career as a basketball player. He’s currently working on growing Sports Lifestyle in Culture Images (SLiC), a platform based on NFTs that uses blockchain technology to create a publishing backend and a core database. This will democratize visual content, enabling users to upload and license visual content. The platform is still in its infancy stage and is constantly being developed. The project used the NFT platform Mintbase Investment and the climate-neutral NEAR Protocol. It will eliminate the digital gap between sports, fans, and communities, pushing audiences to educate themselves more on cryptocurrency and related tech solutions. One of the main reasons behind the star’s involvement in this sphere can be the world’s increasing interest in cryptocurrency, with many looking to buy Ethereum with a credit card, among other payment methods.  

Baron Davis is involved in the tech world, with the launch of the Black Santa Company standing as proof. He has released different non-fungible tokens, a combination of block parties, apparel, and games accessible to the public. The list of projects and implications doesn’t stop here. Baron Davis is involved in more aspects of cryptocurrency, Web3, and related ventures, like collaboration with CasperPunks.

Baron Davis collaborates with CasperPunks to for more opportunities in Web3

Baron Davis is bringing lifestyle groups, sports, and communities together and empowering those who need to be versed in Web3 to build knowledge of the sector. A project with CasperPunks launched earlier this year will bring more utility to CasperPunk IP, providing new non-fungible tokens to users. This collaboration aims at exploring and improving the project’s engagement.

Former NBA champion will develop brand and event opportunities, ultimately making the non-fungible token and web3 sphere easier to understand for those interested in grasping the sector before engaging with it.

The star and his SLiC company will give the CasperPunk brand access to partnerships and important opportunities that were barely accessible in the past. 

Baron Davis empowers photographers to license their work through SLiC

Baron Davis has again shown his firm conviction that blockchain can change industries, including photography, by founding Sports Lifestyle in Culture Images (SLiC), a platform to manage video and photo rights. In the star’s opinion, videography and photography have never played a more crucial role in sports, entertainment, and music compared to the current moment. Yet, they’re also not receiving enough consideration and credit, which the star aims to fix. Baron Davis’ company Sports and SLiC enable creators to engage in various activities, from creating, owning, sharing and monetizing content.

And last but not least, another company of the basketball celebrity is Business Inside the Game (BIG). This tech firm specializes in developing ventures for industry leaders.

The star has moved from basketball to tech and entrepreneurship

Although record-breaker Baron Davis achieved a lot during his illustrious NBA career, he has quit his role in basketball and made quite a noise in the entrepreneurial and technological space. His business portfolio now encompasses crypto and meta-related ventures, with three flagship businesses under his management.  

Seven years ago, the NBA star laid the foundation of the Black Santa Company. This digital media company brought African-American figures and stories to light through character-created IP that promotes cultural diversity. The idea behind the venture came from a Santa costume the star put on during a Halloween party. The company witnessed considerable success in the following months after its launch. At its core, the whole purpose is to promote diversity in storytelling via high-quality products and content.

Baron Davis encourages celebrities to learn about cryptocurrency

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency and the value brought to the financial and economic realm, education is today more critical than ever. Former NBA player Baron Davis has shared his perspective on the education of celebrities in cryptocurrency. He claims that many well-known names have yet to break into this field due to a lack of background knowledge and that using cryptocurrency, despite this fact, can be difficult.

Besides the money invested in creating a metaverse, Baron Davis has also poured capital into digital currency. However, concerning the star’s cryptocurrency interests, he has shown reluctance in disclosing any of his preferences, just like other celebrities and high-profile names choose to hide aspects of their crypto endeavors from the public. Similar details remain undisclosed, much to fans’ and the cryptocurrency community’s curiosity. What is known so far is that his net worth is supposed to be around the $60 Million figure, with the better part of it being acquired through his basketball activity rather than other endeavors, such as his involvement in the Web 3.0 industry. At his retirement moment from NBA, he’d win over $31 million yearly.

According to the former basketballer, the new trend catching celebrities’ eyes is the “utility” tokens. These tools are a particular kind of token that facilitates access to a service or sound in the blockchain space and differ from security tokens in that, in contrast to them, they don’t grant investment stake or ownership in a project. Despite the Securities and Exchange Commission’s strong measures against projects promoted by sports athletes and celebrities, there’s still a bright side to their engagement in cryptocurrency, as the entrepreneur considers. Celebrities may engage with projects that can provide users with rewards and absolute utility.

The wrap-up

Baron Walter Louis Davis, also dubbed “The Godfather of Los Angeles Basketball,” has supported the non-fungible tokens and collectibles ecosystem for a while through his consistent implication in related projects. One of the athlete’s business endeavors is represented by his interaction with Web 3.0, particularly about blockchain’s capacity to enable creators to engage with the sports community and fanbase. 

The NBA All-Star is creating Web3 tools to close the digital gap between creators and their communities, helping promote engagement, communication, development and education in blockchain tech. He firmly believes NFT can foster interaction between sports players and their supporters.