Photo: Washington Wizards/Twitter

In a recent interview with Bally Sports, Kristaps Porzingis shared his favorite spot to shoot when the game is on the line. The 7-foot-3 forward expressed his comfort and confidence in receiving the ball at the free-throw line, stating that it’s a difficult position for defenders to double-team him effectively. However, Porzingis also mentioned that he wouldn’t hesitate to take a step back from that spot for his “finishing move.”

“If the game is on the line, I want to receive the ball at the free-throw line,” the Latvian forward told Bally Sports, via Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson. “It’s the most comfortable (spot) for me, and it’s hard to double. So I would say there, but maybe a step-back from there. So that would be my “finishing move,” so to say.”

Porzingis’ revelation sheds light on his strategic approach to clutch situations and highlights his versatility as a shooter. Standing tall at the free-throw line, he can utilize his height and shooting skills to create scoring opportunities for himself and his team.

This insight from Porzingis comes after a recent trade that sent him from the Wizards to theCeltics in a three-team deal involving the Grizzlies. Porzingis had an impressive season with the Wizards, averaging 23.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game in 2022-2023.