Photo: Indiana Pacers/Twitter

The Tyrese Haliburton trade shocked not only the entire NBA but also the entire Sacramento Kings which includes De’Aaron Fox.

Fox told HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto that everyone within the Kings team didn’t expect that Haliburton – his ex-backcourt mate – will be shipped to the Indiana Pacers. 

But still, Fox noted that the return they got in Haliburton was worth it, as they saw Domantas Sabonis arriving in Sacramento.

“It shocked everybody,” Fox told HoopsHype regarding Haliburton’s leaving. “Not only fans and media. It shocked the team as well. 

“Seeing the player we were getting back is obviously big. Someone who’s that big, skilled – a very unique skillset – I felt like he was going to make us better.”

Haliburton was a beloved young cager in Sac-town given his talent, brilliance, and willingness to bring back the Kings to relevance. His departure jolted the fandom and even caused uproar in the NBA.

In the end, both sides benefitted from the deal. Haliburton emerged as a young star in Indy, while the Kings are now on the verge of breaking their 16-year postseason curse under the lead of Sabonis.