Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

In wake of still swirling speculations around the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green took a defense to cover the still-isolated Andrew Wiggins.

In the recent weekly episode of his Draymond Green Show, the star big man called out those who are trying to invade Wiggins’ privacy and creators of rumors about the wingman’s ongoing inactivity.

“If you not going to talk facts, stop gossiping. Like when I say talk facts, I have the proof… Stop gossiping,” Green said in his podcast (11:00 mark). 

“You don’t know what someone is dealing with, and then you make them deal with THAT?… Stop it, it’s disgusting.”

The gossip circulating around Wiggins took unusual levels when many accused his girlfriend, Mychal Johnson, of cheating on the star forward. For her part, Johnson called the internet a “sick place” for igniting false information about her and Wiggins.

Wiggins has been out of the Dubs lineup since Feb. 13, as his timetable of return is yet to be determined.