Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Draymond Green does understand his boiling rivalry around Dillon Brooks ahead of their Thursday bout. And the forward’s unusual action to try to trigger him didn’t go effectively as he calmed his emotions – knowing the consequences that will appear upon potential overreaction at his side.

In the second quarter of the Golden State Warriors-Memphis Grizzlies match, the two feisty players collided with Brooks getting the steal and a tough layup from the contesting Green. 

Hyped on the play, the wingman went at the veteran big man face-to-face and jawed hard as he moved away, but Green didn’t move a needle to respond to the sequence.

“He thought he would bait me like he gets baited. I get technical fouls when I want to get a technical foul. I don’t get baited into technical fouls,” said Green, per Evan Barnes of Memphis Commercial Appeal. “So I think that’s probably a difference in between me and him. If I do that to him, it’d be a double tech because he’d respond. But it’s not a double tech because I didn’t respond. So one of us are baitable, one of us aren’t.”

Green has compiled 15 technical fouls this season, trailing just one over Brooks.

Brooks was already slapped by the NBA with a one-game suspension, as he missed the Grizzlies’ loss against the L.A. Clippers last Sunday.

After a spicy back-and-forth tirade, the two are still poised to extend their drama as the Grizzlies and the Warriors are set for a face-off one last time this season on Saturday.