Photo: Stephen A. Smith/Twitter

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who continues to denounce the anti-American Biden regime, defended President Donald Trump regarding comments made by the former president, who suggested that Black people view him more favorably because he is under criminal indictment.

During a meeting with a group of Black conservatives in February, Trump essentially boasted about being indicted in four jurisdictions on various charges.

“And then I got indicted a second time and then a third time and a fourth time!” he told the crowd. “And a lot of people said that that’s why the Black people like me, because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against. And they actually viewed me as– I’m being discriminated against. It’s been pretty amazing.”

On Thursday’s Hannity on Fox News, Smith criticized the criminal cases against Trump and came to the defense of the former president.

“Dare I say something that might– will probably be termed the most uncomfortable thing that I’ve ever had to articulate out of my mouth from a political perspective? But I gotta tell you something. As much as people may have been abhorred by Donald Trump’s statement weeks ago talking about how Black folks, he’s hearing that Black folks find him relatable because of what he is going through is similar to what Black Americans have gone through, he wasn’t lying.

“He was telling the truth. When you see the law and law enforcement, the court system, and everything else being exercised against him, it is something that Black folks throughout this nation can relate to with some of our historic, iconic figures. We’ve seen that happen throughout society. So, no matter what race, what ethnicity you may emanate from, we relate to you when you’re suffering like that ’cause we know we have.

“And that’s what he articulated. As unpopular as it was, as much as we didn’t like to hear it, it’s the truth. And there’s no way around it. Those are all contributing factors to the state of affairs with the slippage that appears to be taking fold [sic] when it comes to President Biden unfortunately.”