Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Amid their intensifying basketball feud, it appears that the Golden State Warriors aren’t ready to call yet the Memphis Grizzlies their well-deserved rival.

For Draymond Green, the definition of “rivalry” holds so much weight to imagine, and it can’t be easily associated with them together with the young Grizzlies team.

This makes the veteran announce that the Tuesday battle was not many believed as another page to their collective “rivalry” chapter, but just a mere basketball game.

“One team has to win and then the other team has to win,” Green said following the Warriors’ 131-110 loss, per Evan Barnes of Memphis Commercial Appeal. “That’s what creates a rivalry. Not because one team gets up for you and talk like they can beat you and then not. That doesn’t create a rivalry. Rivalries are created by ‘You win, I win.’

“Clearly we’ve won four times and I think their organization has zero championships, so I can’t consider that a rivalry.”

Before even Ja Morant started his professional career, and the Grizzlies emerged as a contender, the Warriors had already established their place as one of the greatest dynasties in league history – winning three titles in five-straight Finals appearances.

The Dubs added another one to their golden hardware last year to revive their dynastic status after a two-year layoff, as they overwhelmed the Memphis squad in their second-round encounter.

With these, it can truly be written that the case for both sides is just one-sided that favors the Bay Area’s sustaining success. While the Grizzlies are already a powerhouse in their current state, they are still yet to bring that elusive title to Tennessee and boast it to the Warriors.

“Anybody can win in March,” Green said, implying that regular season games don’t matter. “Anybody can win in March. What that mean? I have a hard time getting out of my bed in March. What’s a game in March mean?”