In an interview after his debut with the Mavericks, Kyrie Irving opened up about his time in Brooklyn, saying that even after his first season there he had doubts about whether he wanted to stay there.

The 2016 NBA champion revealed that he was thinking about making a trade request for a long time because of the things behind the scenes that he face while being with the Nets.

“This was in the works, like, after year one,” Irving said after the win against the Clippers. “I wasn’t sure about whether or not I wanted to be in Brooklyn longterm, again, because of things that was happening behind the scenes. I just did my best to put my head down and work as hard as I could.

“There were some unfortunate circumstances that came up there that were out of my control whether it be the mandate with the vaccine or missing games being suspended or just little things that I think just put wrenches on our journey.

“And then we had James and were supposed to be the super team. I think I would like to say something too about the super team of me, James and KD that everyone thinks should have worked.

We played very limited time together and there were a lot of injuries and things that took place and I would have liked to see that work for the long term, but there are no mistakes, no coincidences and got to move forward. But I’m happy that I could look back on that journey and reflect and say I learned a lot of things from those guys and my teammates in Brooklyn and just my journey throughout this.”