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The distinguishing thing about basketball is THAT signature look that has rammed across the community. In fact, most NBA Hairstyles have been included in the collection of styles and haircuts every saloon would love to offer.

Now, most of us are aware that our appearance reveals a lot about our personalities. The same goes for basketballers too. Although an imitating skin cut will not bring out the LeBron James or Michael Jordan in a young promising basketballer, it could enhance his mood on and off the court.

In that light, I have decided to rank in this piece, 10 Basketball players based on their hairstyles. So, let’s get started…

1. JaVale McGee

One of the reasons JaVale wouldn’t stop making headlines is his numerous strange, but nice hairstyles. He would always change hairstyles over time. He initially started with completely shaved hair, then moved to a braid of small hair strands at the bottom of his head. His hair became fuller when he joined the Lake Show. Memories of JaVale may not be about his awesome playing style, but his unique braids that caught on in the NBA.

2. Ja Morant

Ja is a household name in the NBA. Not only that most youths would do a dunk shot like him, but A-list celebrities like Lil Wayne and Lil Durk were also seen copying his free-flowing dreadlock hairstyle. As opposed to the normal trend (of tying from behind), he would always tie his dreadlock, as in a ponytail before and during game time. And, of course, NBA saw that more often.

3. DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre started his hair journey after leaving the LAC. We can testify that it was a perfect decision, thanks to his typical Afro genes for his hair. He began with a top curl up to his final moments at the Clippers. He maintained the curl even on a new dreadlock look. And with his french beard, it was donned perfect for him.

4. Ricky Rubio

Talking about some Spanish wonder, Ricky charmed me a lot with his silky hair look. Known for his aggressive gameplay, Ricky started shining even during his rookie years. During those stages, he seemed more of a hairless and innocent little boy, until he began his hair transformation process. Things changed when he left his hair to grow. Correspondingly, he styled very well.

5. Kelly Olynyk

Kelly had been growing his hair since he started his Collegiate career. The Canadian, looking very much like the soccer star, Sergio Ramos — was enthused to adorning headbands while watching soccer. So, he kept a handful during games. Interestingly, if he would cut his hair, he would rather visit a saloon in Canada and not the US, as the Detroit man says he is focused on only upscaling his career in the US.

6. Robert Covington

The bulk of Robert’s flowers do not only come from those who appreciate his dexterity and high skills at the Los Angeles Clippers but those who adore his seasonal hairstyle. Simple secret: always expect a new look on Robert after every season. It was always exciting to see how his ever-changing looks made him even more handsome.

7. Mike Conley Jr.

Mike’s controversial hair look is one of the most-talked-about things in the NBA. From his constant switches from braid to dreadlocks, most people have debated on which style makes him play better. However, Mike once confirmed in an interview that he kept the dreads when his team won and freed up when they lost. So it explains a lot.

8. Markelle Fultz

Markelle is the starting point guard for NBA’s Orlando Magic. Initially, Markelle started very poorly and defied all good expectations concerning him. That didn’t last long, anyway. His improvements are coming through, and most people believe his hair transformation is a factor too. His long, thick, beautifully woven hair is probably doing the job.

9. Elfrid Payton

Most people like signature looks. And so, we see this clearly in Elfrid Payton who decided, in 2018, to own one. He styles his flossy hair way above his hand, hanging over his eyes. This usually distracts his opponents and consequently discourages them from man-marking him. Quite hilarious. And well, this fuelled the jokes in MBA.

10. Derrick Rose

Derrick has deep contact with the NBA fans. This is because he was one of the big talents to ever rise from the Bulls franchise after Jordan. Although injuries took the better part of his promising career, everyone can’t but admire his flawless current looks on medium-sized dreads. Like most players, he’s changed his hair regularly; who knows when next he will?

Wrapping Up

From this list, we can see that a hairstyle can impact one’s lifetime, causing him/her to grow beyond the narrative. Well, certainly, it may not necessarily cause an upshift in a basketball career — as the best so far are not known for unconventional styles. But exceptional fashion statements could contribute to a unique lifestyle. By the way, you can check this post to understand how basketball can impact your overall well-being.