Mark Jackson
Photo: USA TODAY Sports

The reigning NBA champion Draymond Green sat down with Eugene “Big U” Henley on Checc’n ~ In Podcast with Big U by Caffeine to discuss his early upbringing, discovering that his mother only made $17K/year, how the young Warriors reacted to Mark Jackson’s firing in 2014, and why this Warriors’ has never viewed the Los Angeles Lakers as a threat.

“We were all crushed when [Mark Jackson] got fired because, again, we went from 23 wins to 46 wins to 48 or 49 wins the following year. We all felt like we were building towards something,” Green remembered.

“You take a team who hadn’t been to the playoffs but one time in the last 20 years or something – and we went to the playoffs in back to back years – and then he got fired.

“So none of us knew what to think…what you have to remember is, it’s not like it’s year 10 Draymond, year 11 Klay [Thompson], year 13 Steph [Curry]. It’s year two, year three, and then year five. None of us know what to even think. Like what’s going on. This is really our first experience of the business side… We were just young and out here playing.”