Photo: Complex

The reigning NBA champion Draymond Green sat down with Eugene “Big U” Henley on Checc’n ~ In Podcast by Caffeine to discuss his early upbringing, discovering that his mother only made $17K/year, how the young Warriors reacted to Mark Jackson’s firing in 2014, and why this Warriors’ has never viewed the Los Angeles Lakers as a threat.

“And going back to my mom, I’m so appreciative of her,” the 32-year-old forward said. “I know my mom used to tell us when we [were] kids… ‘We poor! Stop asking, we ain’t got it. We poor.’

“But it never appeared to me that we were poor, you know what I’m saying? We had a house, we had lights, we had water. You know, there were a couple times it got cut off but she got it cut right back on…

“When I got to the NBA my rookie year, my accountant said ‘Hey, you should claim your mom on your taxes.’ …In order to claim her on [my] taxes, I had to find out how much money she made. My mom was making $17,000 a year. I said, ‘Wow, we really were poor.’ She never let me see that.”