It’s not just the fans who get thrilled by casino games, players also like participating in gambling although they are limited to a certain extent. There has been a raging debate about whether athletes can participate in any form of gambling. Analysts have pointed out that players’ participation in gambling does not present a conflict of interest.

However, as Klara Czerwinska points out “Obstawianie zakładów przeciwko drużynom, do których przynależą, jest jawnym konfliktem interesów obu stron, ponieważ może mieć to bezpośredni wpływ na wynik meczu. Jeśli chodzi o same gry kasynowe, mają tutaj pełną wolność w działaniu; mogą uczestniczyć w nich tak długo, jak pozostaje to legalne. Lista legalnych kasyno za prawdziwe pieniądze, których gracze NBA i entuzjaści tego sportu mogą być klientami.” (“Placing bets against the teams they own is a clear conflict of interest for both sides as it may have a direct impact on the match result. As for the casino games themselves, they have complete freedom to act here; may participate as long as it remains legal. A list of legal real money casinos that NBA players and sports enthusiasts can be customers of.”)

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Players from different sporting fields have been frequent visitors to gambling platforms all over the world, especially during the breaks. They have been playing different games. Others are great fans of casino games where we have seen them post photos and videos on their social media platforms while enjoying a game of poker, and slots among others on their mobile devices.

NBA players are some of the athletes that you will find playing online casino today. Studies show that for these players gambling is a common entertainment activity. Several players are known to engage in gambling during their free time while some have found themselves in trouble due to overindulgence. Analysts point out that most NBA players engage in gambling as a way of releasing pressure.

Online casino games offer fun but a tense atmosphere which can help a player to get the thrill they need but in a relaxing mode. Another reason that has been given as far as why NBA players and other athletes love gambling is the availability of funds. Most athletes are well paid and they have extra coins to spend, some even like flashing it. However, most only want to have a good time and this comes with significant expenditure.

You will normally find athletes who have perfected their gambling strategies playing high-stakes games and some have been lucky, they have won jackpots. Others have not been so lucky; you have heard of cases where athletes have lost fortunes out of playing high stake games.

Several NBA players have been known to engage in gambling. They have been frequent visitors of land-based casinos, especially in cities that are known for these establishments. Talk of Las Vegas, New York, Macau, and many others; these have been the havens where athletes and other popular names have been meeting to have fun. Among the big casino games, fans in the NBA fraternity include:

  • Michael Jordan
  • JR Smith
  • Charles Barkley
  • Antoine Walker
  • Isiah Thomas

Michael Jordan

Many know him as an established basketball player, an athlete who has bagged most awards and won several championships. The great player is also a big casino games enthusiast. His favorite casino game has been poker. He was also a great player of craps and roulette. There was news that during one of the world tournaments, he lost at least $ 1 million in a poker game.

He spent a considerable time during the breaks playing poker. This shows the love he had for the casino games. In an appearance on a popular show, one-time NBA all-star Antoine Walker revealed that they at one time spent 36 hours playing a casino game, this shows the passion Michael Jordan had for gambling.

JR Smith

Just like Michael Jordan, JR Smith has a great love for casino games. He has even admitted his great love for gambling. Smith has played a different kind of games and according to reports, he is good at many of them. Some report that he is such good that he rarely utilizes the bonuses and free slots. We all remember $ 15,000 being stolen when on his way to the casino.

Charles Barkley

He is not just known for his basketball prowess; many remember him for his love of casino games especially the high-stakes games that he participated in. Although his love for casino games once put him in trouble when he admitted that he stole in Las Vegas and faced a lawsuit; he has continued to play. He is regularly seen in casinos where he enjoys slots.

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Antoine Walker

He is quoted saying on several occasions that he learned gambling from his NBA counterpart and great friend Michael Jordan. His great passion for casino games may not have always been good; he got into trouble on several occasions.

Isiah Thomas

Records have it that he is among the greatest NBA players. He started gambling during his basketball career and he has continued to enjoy the table games. His love for the casino games once put him into trouble when he was investigated for an allegation that he organized illegal games. They never found any evidence and his love for the casino games never stopped.

Casino games are not just for ordinary persons, celebrities also like gambling. They have played on land-based platforms and now that online casinos are an in thing, they are enjoying the games at the convenience of their houses. However, it is important to learn from the celebrity, some have found themselves in trouble due to excessive gambling, and we need to do it in moderation.