Pamu is back with some brand new Bluetooth earphones boasting improved technology, comfort, and a snug ergonomic design that’s sure to leave customers satisfied with their purchase. 

Fresh in stock from Padmate International Limited, the new Pamu Slide 2 is now shipping worldwide with the offer of a significant $80 discount for early bird buyers.

Pamu earphones have been endorsed by some of the most popular stars in the NBA, including Spencer Dinwiddie, Domantas Sabonis, and Brook Lopez. Former stars B.J. Armstrong and Tracy McGrady are also big fans of Pamu’s offerings.

The Pamu Slide 2—they come in black, white, and green—boasts Pamu’s second-generation hybrid ANC technology, which makes it so that this product decreases noise up to 42dB with a noise-reduction bandwidth of 20–2000Hz. As such, noise from crowds, cars, subways, and even aircraft is drowned out when you have these babies on. 

Pamu Slide 2 color choices

Audio rings out with crystal clarity, and music is particularly enjoyable with the Pamu Slide 2 given its 10mm dynamic drivers, which make for some really powerful and punchy bass. Thanks to the PEN and Titanium composite membrane therein, listeners get the full range of audible frequency.

Phone calls are super-clear too, and, from personal experience, the phone can be 20-22 feet away without causing a loss in call quality. The Pamu Slide 2’s new AINR algorithm, along with six microphones, helps isolate voices from wind and other background noises. Other notable properties include the RHE intelligent algorithm, human voice band gaining, dialogue noise reduction, and whistle suppression, which are great for folks with hearing loss as they heighten the ambient sound and strengthen the human voice band.

If you’re into gaming, then the Pamu Slide is perfect for you, as the transmission is incredible and delays are well-nigh nonexistent.

A Dual Connect feature makes it easy to enjoy music or have phone calls with either one side or both. You could also use one while the other is charging. Sensors will automatically pause music when you take them off and resume when they’re placed back into your ears – swiping up or down controls the volume. Convenient touch control lets you answer calls, switch through your music playlist, and activate the voice assistant without having to touch your phone. 

Pamu Slide 2 specs

A single charge leaves you with six-and-a-half hours of playing time, while up to 26 hours could be had with the charging case. 

As for connectivity, the Pamu Slide 2 offers Bluetooth 5.2 for faster pairing and an extremely stable connection. It is also universally compatible and can connect to any iOS or Android device, as well as laptops and pads.

These earbuds offer a real bang for your buck, with $80 off the regular price of $159 for early birds. The Pamu Slide 2 boasts everything you want from a pair of earphones; crystal clear audio embellished by an incredible noise-canceling feature, quick connectivity – and, to top it off, they look pretty cool.

Just ask Dinwiddie…

“The sound quality is amazing,” he said of Pamu’s tech a few years ago, “the best earphone I ever heard in my life, and if you know me, you know how serious I take my words.” 

Well, it’s much improved now.