Joel Embiid was forced to miss the first two games of the second round series against the Heat after Pascal Siakam hit his orbital bone with an elbow in Game 6 of the first round series against the Raptors.

The 76ers superstar was asked if he thought that the collision with his fellow Cameroonian was an intentional one. Embiid revealed that did not think that but he changed his mind about the Raptors fans.

“I don’t think it was intentional,” he said. “That’s my guy, obviously. It’s unfortunate. I don’t think he meant to do it. But I was more irritated by the perception of when that happened by really the fans and I’ve always thought they have great fans, but I kind of changed my mind about the fans up there.

“Whether it throughout the series, the ‘F—‘ chants and all that stuff. That’s cool. It never gets to me anyways. But I think I got mad because I did the airplane celebration.

“It’s been going on in a few arenas these days. The fans that just feel it’s okay to just say ‘F—‘ somebody. There’s a bunch of kids in the arena. I don’t think that should be okay. Even if there wasn’t kids.

“It’s almost like, if you respond to it, it’s almost like in a Draymond [Green] situation the league fines you. To me, it doesn’t bother me. I’m just speaking for really everybody in the NBA. Like I said, if you give it, you also got to be able to take it.”