The Grizzlies (2nd seed in the Western Conference) lost Game 1 of the first round against the Timberwolves, a team that earned its spot in the postseason through a Play-In tournament.

Memphis star Ja Morant posted on Instagram the famous Michael Jordan scene from docuseries “The Last Dance” in which the Bulls legend is smoking a cigar and talking about trash talk after losing game one of a playoff series.

“So what, we lost one game. It will be a dog fight tomorrow. But that’s alright, we’ll see if all that trash talking starts when it’s 0-0 instead of 5-6 point lead. That’s where it starts,” MJ says in the video. “That’s a sign of a good man if you can talk shit when it’s even score or talk shit when you’re behind score. When you’re ahead it’s easy to talk.”