Stephen Curry
Photo: Scott Strazzante/The Chronicle

Steph Curry has become the king of the NBA three-point record, after passing Ray Allen. A milestone that only took a few shots in the first quarter of the game vs Knicks to make it happen.

Curry reached the impressive milestone with Ray Allen being in the crowd and Reggie Miller (third in the list) was calling the game for TNT.

After Warriors’ superstar concluded his performance in MSG, he shared a heartfelt message as Miller and Allen congratulate him for the record.

“It was just a special moment. That I appreciate and I’ll remember for the rest of my life. In terms of what it means to me to pass Ray (Allen) and Reggie (Miller) and guys I’ve looked up to coming into the game, so definitely special,” Curry said, per Mark Haynes of

Curry wants to push that record as high as possible. He wants to reach his made three-pointers count to unreachable heights.

Curry, 33, remains very much in his prime. Which may be, in part, why he is finally ready to embrace the title of “best shooter ever.”