Photo: Robert Hanashiro/USA TODAY Sports

An old Instagram post by the Phoenix Suns forward Jae Crowder received attention from the Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy and the Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green.

Crowder posted a photo of him doing a salsa dance back on June 4 after the Suns eliminated the Lakers in six games in first round of the playoffs. “AINT NO FUN WHEN THE RABBIT GOT THE GUN.!! 12 MORE TO GO.!! BIG 99” he wrote on the post.

Nearly two months later Handy responded to the post by writing “”Aint no fun when rabbit got the gun”… we will remember that shit.” To which Crowder responded with: “GLAD YALL WILL! ILL REMEMBER GAME 3 AND THE ANTICS AS WELL.”

The conversation continued with Handy’s, who won three NBA championships as an assistant, reply. “you know I always got love for you young buck but win one first then you can talk all you want. Good run!” The Suns forward had more to say. “CAN & WILL TALK WHENEVER AND AINT NOBODOY GONE SAT OTHERWISE! YOU GOT MY # HIT MY LINE BEFORE YOU SPEAK ON MY NAME ON A APP!” he wrote.

Prior to this exchange, Green wrote posted several laughing emojis and wrote “facts! understand that.” “AINT UNDERSTAND?? IM HERE U CAN ASK ME IF YOU NEED CLARIFICATION!” Crowder fired back.