If you are a basketball punter from the United Kingdom, then you probably know all about GamStop. If you are a newbie in the gambling world or you’ve never needed a self-exclusion service, you may need a little introduction. Gambling problems or addiction is a standard topic globally, and all kinds of people have felt the effect of this problem.

Thus, governments and private bodies have been looking for easy and cheap ways to help people with a gambling problem and save others from getting addicted. GamStop is one of the most famous self-exclusion scheme providers, even though it is restricted to the UK. GamStop is used by all kinds of bettors and gamblers trying to avoid addiction or those with an addiction. Below, you will find detailed information about GamStop and how it can be useful to basketball fans.

How Does GamStop Work?

GamStop is an internet-based platform or website that works with many casinos and online betting websites based in the UK. This means that even if you are interested in self-exclusion and you aren’t based in the UK, the services of GamStop aren’t available to you. The idea behind GamStop and its services is that a player who acknowledges that they have a gambling addiction can create an account with the platform.

Once this is done, all casinos and betting with the GamStop support will be notified and become automatically unavailable to this user. Users of GamStop may be able to login into their casino account but won’t be able to play any game, place bets or even register a new betting account at GamStop sites.

You are at liberty to choose the time-frame for your self-exclusion, and the options available to you range from 6 months, 1 year, or as long as 5 years. The catch here is that only after the specified period expires will you be able to enjoy the services of these sites once again. The biggest challenge of GamStop is the fact it is very strict and doesn’t allow you to cancel if your self-exclusion period hasn’t ended. This means that if the time you fixed is ten years, you will have to wait for that specific time frame to elapse, and only then can you lift the ban and proceed with gambling or betting online.

Most players who feel they have gotten better from a gambling problem will want this restriction to end before the period is fixed expires, but it isn’t an option. Also, it is compulsory that you contact customer support, and they alone can remove the self-exclusion.

GamStop is not a government-owned body, but it is mandatory to be used by all gambling sites that have a permit from the UKGC. It isn’t compulsory for gambling sites without the UKGC license and for offshore gambling sites. This means that UKGC covers all UK sites but does not cover foreign non GamStop sports betting sites available here – https://casinogap.org/non-gamstop-bookmakers/ and on other GamStop-free gambling portals such as NonStopCasino and NonGamStopBets.

Reasons to Register at GamStop as a Basketball fan

GamStop isn’t restricted to punters who love casino games; it also applies to bettors who stake on football, basketball, and other sports. If you love to bet on basketball and you feel like it is becoming an addiction, getting registered with GamStop is a fantastic way to help yourself escape the harsh consequences of gambling. You can decide to avoid betting on basketball for a fixed period till you are stable enough to control the time and money you spend on this activity.

Another reason you may want to register with GamStop is to avoid bankruptcy. Many punters have found it difficult to bet with only money they can afford to lose; thus, they borrow and run into debt. You may not be able to fight the urge to use your credit card once you login to your favorite bookmaker. However, once you are on GamStop, there is no way you can use your credit card or make payment via any source on a gamstop supported site. This also means you can’t play games or bet or basketball till the self-exclusion period elapses. On the one hand, our team finds the restriction upsetting, but considering how helpful it can be with solving gambling problems, you may want to see the self-restriction period through.