Skip Bayless calls for Trae Young to get fined following actions toward referee

"You can't do that to that referee in that moment."


Skip Bayless wants to see Trae Young fined after the Atlanta Hawks point guard aggressively approached a referee at the end of Wednesday night’s game vs. the Dallas Mavericks.

Young was pretty animated on the back of a no-call that would have otherwise gotten him a free throw and possession, likely handing Atlanta the game as they were down by a single point with seconds on the clock.

“It was an ugly display from a kid who, obviously, is one of the rising stars in this league,” Bayless said during FS1’s UNDISPUTED on Thursday. “Obviously, you can’t call a technical on him after the game because it’s over, but I would like to see him at least fined for this – at least censured a little bit because you can’t do that to that referee in that moment.”

As for the no-call, Skip claimed to be fine with it being deemed incidental.