LeBron James Tom Brady
Photo: Marca

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is a huge football fan. One of his favorite NFL players is Tom Brady, who has just won his seventh Super Bowl with Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the age of 43. LeBron, who is showing an exceptional longevity, was asked what it meant for him to see Brady be so successful late in his career.

“How do I wrap my head around it? I mean, he’s one of the GOATs,” James said. “I’ve been watching him my whole life. It seemed like my whole life. But I’ve been watching him for 20 years now or how long he’s been in the NFL. I watched him when he was with Michigan playing against the Ohio State Buckeye. So I’ve been watching him for quite a while now.

“Just to see him go out and do the things that he’s done in his career, for him to win another one yesterday in the fashion that he won it was pretty cool. It’s very inspiring for a guy like myself.”