Anthony Davis
Photo: ftw.usatoday

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis is set to appear in a commercial during one of the biggest events of the year in American sports.

The 27-year-old forward was selected for a Super Bowl ad. He talked what it means for him after the Lakers defeated the Pistons in double overtime.

It started with LeBron James saying he will be locked it not only for the Super Bowl but also for the commercials. The hint was picked by Davis who started laughing, saying there will be a special guest tomorrow.

“It’s super cool to me being a huge football fan,” AD said. “Like Bron said, you always watch the commercials. It’s one of the reasons why you watch the Super Bowl.

For me to be a part of that legacy with all the great commercials. It was great for me. I’m not sure how the world is going to take it yet. To be a part of that is something that doesn’t come by too often. I’m excited about that.”

Then LeBron took over by talking about the cost of the Super Bowl commercials as he remembered his own experience. “If you got a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, you’re doing something right. I know how much those commercials cost. That’s for sure… I have [been on a Super Bowl commercial] I don’t remember which one but I remember I did have one before because I remember the budget, I remember how much it cost to get.”