Rajon Rondo says Derrick Rose had zero comparisons in his prime years

Rajon Rondo Derrick Rose
Photo: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Rajon Rondo had nothing but good words to say about fellow NBA star Derrick Rose.

Rondo, a two-time NBA champion, said Rose had zero comparisons during his prime years.

“No, man, nobody. Seven-game series when he was out there? Boy, he put your (expletive) in trouble. You’re on your heels the whole game.

And he still getting in there and jumping over everybody. He was too explosive. He was for sure a one-man fast break every night,” Rondo told Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson about Rose during his appearance on the All The Smoke, via K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago.

Rose, who became the youngest MVP in NBA history (2011), was one of Rondo’s main rivals in the Eastern Conference.