Photo: Rocky Widner/Getty Images

During the early 2000s, Allen Iverson had a very memorable run for the Philadelphia 76ers. He won an MVP award, went to the finals, and was a three-time steals leader from 2001-2003. Iverson was clearly showing his defensive skills on the court, but it wasn’t winning him any honors in that category. 

Allen was a 2x Big East Defensive Player of the Year in college, yet in the NBA he never made an All-Defensive Team once. NBA All-Defensive squad voting has been highly criticized over the years, as Tyson Chandler won DPOY in 2012 and only made Second Team. Iverson mentioned his long time friend Larry Hughes when looking back on his snubs with Stephen Jackson & Matt Barnes.

(Via All The Smoke):

“I remember leading the league in steals three years in a row and not even being Honorable Mention All-Defense. You know what I’m saying? And then Larry Hughes did it the year after me and he was First Team All-Defense.”