Photo: NBA History/X

4x NBA scoring champion Allen Iverson recently had a lot of great things to say about playing for the Denver Nuggets from 2006-2008.

(via Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles):

Richardson: “How was it when you got to Denver? You’ve got Melo, DJ [DerMarr Johnson], all of them. Was that kinda like a refresher for you a little bit?”

Iverson: “I loved it. Obviously, he (Carmelo Anthony) was the most talented person I ever played with in my life. So, I was excited about that. I was excited about the whole squad with Kenyon [Martin] and JR [Smith] and [Marcus] Camby. We had some monsters on that team, but we ran into San Antonio in their prime and the Lakers in their prime. Just a bad rap, but we were good.”