Rajon Rondo
Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Isiah Thomas had nothing but good words to say about two-time NBA champion Rajon Rondo.

Thomas, an NBA Hall of Famer, believes Rondo is a ‘genius’.

“I’ve always called Rondo a genius. Again, our game has been compartmentalized to just these four to five statistical boxes; that we don’t see the knowledge and the PhD that is walking in through the door.

So we only evaluate and judge players from the neck down; particularly African-American players throughout the history of our game.

But Rondo from Day 1 you recognized his genius and IQ in terms of basketball intellect. Rondo is not going to the Hall of Fame because of he’s a great shooter, he’s a great passer or anything like that;

Rondo’s going to the Hall of Fame because he’s probably one of the smartest players to play and he’s a champion,” Thomas told Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Heavy.com.