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ULEB Cup stays in Spain

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DKV JoventutDKV Joventut triumphed in all-Spanish ULEB Cup final after they defeated their opponents Akasvayu Girona. The game was tight only in the 1st quarter as Akasvayu won it 21-16. In the 2nd quarter Joventut defended very well and let their opponents score only 6 points.

That was a breaking point of the game. Joventut won the 3rd quarter by 14 points and started the 4th quarter leading the game 58-37.

Joventut secured the place in next year's Euroleague by taking the ULEB Cup.

Akasvayu Girona 54-79 DKV Joventut

Akasvayu: Ivan Radenovic 20, Arriel McDonald 11, Marc Gasol 9, Erik Daniels 6, Branko Cvetkovic 3, Victor Sada 3, Fernando San Emeterio 2.
Joventut: Demond Mallet 26, Rudy Fernandez 13, Jerome Moiso 10, Jan-Hendrick Jagla 8, Lubos Barton 8, Petar Popovic 6, Ferran Lavina 4, Ricky Rubio 2, Pau Ribas 2.

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