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Steph Curry picks his All-Time starting five

Steph Curry visited the All the Smoke podcast hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Among things discussed was...

10 Basketball Players That Made History

History has given us many great basketball players, but fewer that have left an indelible mark on basketball history. To enter the...

Shaquille O’Neal thought Jaylen Brown threw down on “Michael Caldwell-Pope”

TNT's "Inside the NBA" crew discussed Jaylen Brown's dunk on LeBron James: https://twitter.com/NBAonTNT/status/1219790369681965056?s=20

Shaq admits he was terrified of Jordan, Robinson, Barkley and Ewing

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal likes to brag about his dominance in the league, but it turns he was afraid of facing some...

Danny Green thinks LeBron and AD could beat Shaq and Kobe in their primes

One of the most notable role players of the Los Angeles Lakers sharp shooter Danny Green was asked who he thinks is...
LeBron James LA Lakers Miami Heat

LeBron James becomes the first Laker since Shaquille O’Neal with 35-15-5 in a game

LeBron James led the LA Lakers past the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night (114-129) and reached another milestone. James...

Shaquille O’Neal says he and Kobe could beat LeBron and Anthony Davis in their...

In an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show, ex-Lakers big man Shaquille O'Neal was asked whether he thinks he and Kobe Bryant could...

Anthony Davis joined Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Anthony Davis double-doubled on Sunday's night game with 24 points (7/16 FG, 1/4 3PT, 9/10 FT), 11 boards and two assists, adding...

Shaquille O’Neal in Adam Sandler movies

https://twitter.com/NBAonTNT/status/1207922496764121088?s=20 Sandler' basketball skills: https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1207895150745309184?s=20 https://twitter.com/espn/status/1207900658139115522?s=20

Shaq tells a story about meeting Stevie Wonder

Shaquille O'Neal shared a story on TNT Thursday how he met Stevie Wonder for the first time and what impression the meeting...

Charles Barkley hit Shaquille O’Neal with an egg


TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew tried yoga with the goats

https://twitter.com/theScore/status/1197703741157367808?s=20 https://twitter.com/gifdsports/status/1197701603794604032?s=20 https://twitter.com/cjzero/status/1197701913011261440?s=20

Chuck vs. Shaq: “I’m gonna sue!!”


Shaquille O’Neal says Danny Green fits with the Lakers very nice

TNT's "Inside the NBA" crew shared their thoughts on the current Los Angeles Lakers and newcomer Danny Green:

Shaquille O’Neal: “I watched them (LeBron/AD) play in pre-season and they looked really damn...

Ex-NBA big man Shaquille O'Neal was asked which team he thinks has the best duo in the NBA:

Shaquille O’Neal gives his four title contenders

Ex-NBA big man Shaquille O'Neal makes his predictions for the 2019-20 season: https://twitter.com/ShowtimeForum/status/1185623669357178880?s=19

Shaquille O’Neal’s new haircut


Shaquille O’Neal dropped a 4-minute diss track on Damian Lillard

https://twitter.com/Ballislife/status/1178994994851536897?s=20 Lillard's response: https://twitter.com/Dame_Lillard/status/1179049501354422273?s=19 Stephen A. Smith summing up:


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